LHI Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Land Heritage Institute?

The Land Heritage Institute is owned and operated by the Land Heritage Institute Foundation, a 501(c)3 non profit corporation with a Board of Directors made up of Permanent Director Organizations and At Large Board Members. See LHI Partners for the Permanent Director Organizations involved.

When is Land Heritage Institute open to the public?

It is open to the public every second Saturday of the month. It is open to groups by appointment.

What is a "living land museum"?

Land Heritage Institute is a museum whose collection is the land itself--the existing cultural and historic resources that are on-site such as the Presnall Watson Farmstead and the archeological assets.

Can I join Land Heritage Institute?

Yes, we invite you to become a Volunteer and Supporter. Your time, talent and treasure will be utilized to further the mission of LHI.

How can I help the Land Heritage Institute?

By becoming a one of our volunteer supporters. We stage several events through out the year to provide educational and cultural enrichment to the community and we need helpers to plan and execute these events. We host school children in the spring and fall to teach them about how man has interacted with the land through the years. We also host an annual fall fundraiser in conjunction with the Medina River Natural Area and sponsor "The Trail 10K" which is a fun-run/walk that follows a 6.2 mile section of the Medina River Greenway Trail, El Chapparral Trail.

How much does it cost to enter the Land Heritage Institute?

Our suggested donation is $3 per person. $10 per person if you bring a horse; a Coggins Test for the horse is required. Groups over 10 can call for a special rate. All visitors must sign in.

Can I enter the Land Heritage Institute off the Medina River Greenway Trail?

If you enter the LHI property on the Medina River Greenway Trail, you must remain on the trail unless you have made an appointment to allow entry to another portion of Land Heritage Institute.

What kind of activities are available at Land Heritage Institute?

By appointment we can provide horseback riding (bring your own horse), birdwatching, historic site tours, longhorn cattle, hiking.

a living land museum on 1200 acres of open space along the banks of the Medina River on the far south side of San Antonio preserving, maintaining and interpreting 10,000 years of continual human habitation


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