a living land museum on 1200 acres of open space along the banks of the Medina River on the far south side of San Antonio preserving, maintaining and interpreting 10,000 years of continual human habitation

LHI Land Histories + Heritages

The Land Heritage Institute property is exceptional in that it records:

  1. Abundant archaeological evidence reflecting 10,000 years of land use representing all major South Texas cultural groups:  Native American hunter/gatherers, Spanish Colonial occupation, Hispanic ranchers, Anglo- and African-American farmers, to its once-proposed use as a reservoir

  1. Historic importance of location astride an international trade and travel corridor--the Caminos Reales, among the oldest roads in North America, as well as the route of the Chisholm Trail cattle drives.

  1. An ecologically diverse riparian setting

•  A world-class flood deposit record documenting 30,000+ years of climate, hydrology, vegetation and wildlife history

For more information about the archeology on the LHI property, aka the Richard Beene Site (so-named for the driver of the earth-moving machine who stopped his digging of the Applewhite Reservoir when he encountered what he identified as important archeology), see



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