LHI Rules + Regulations

TRAIL ETIQUETTE – Stay on paved trails. Entry and Special Use Permits are required for off trail access.

SMOKING – Land Heritage Institute is a Tobacco Free Zone. Smoking is prohibited on the property.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – Consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages is not allowed unless in conjunction with an event and served by a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission licensed vendor.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES – Possession and illegal use of illicit drugs is prohibited.

RULES OF ENTRY – Entry permits are required. You will be trespassing without entry permit.

ARTIFACTS – The Land Heritage Institute property is federally protected. No artifacts, plants or rocks may be removed from property. No excavations or metal detectors are allowed unless approved by Special Use Permit.

CAMPING – Camping is not allowed except as approved by the Executive Committee.or Board of Directors. Camping must be in designated area and cannot be for a period of more than 7 consecutive days per month. Campfires are restricted to designated fire pits and may be no larger than 3’ high. Each camp site is restricted to 6 persons. Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) are allowed in designated areas and with same limitations.

FIREARMS – No firearms are allowed on the property except for those used by licensed peace officers or security


HUNTING – No hunting is allowed on the property except as approved by Board of Directors for wildlife management purposes.

MOTORIZED VEHICLES – Motorized vehicles, all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and motorcycles are restricted to designated

roads. Speed limit on property is 25 mph on paved roads, 15 mph on unpaved or unimproved roads. Off road

motorcycling or ATV use is prohibited.

BICYCLES – Bicycles are allowed on designated trails. Off road or trail bicycling is allowed in designated areas only.

PLANT LIFE – No picking, cutting or removal of plants is allowed.

SWIMMING – No swimming is allowed in the Medina River.

FISHING – Fishing is allowed in designated areas and in accordance with all State of Texas regulations.

HORSEBACK RIDING – Horseback riding is restricted to designated areas and bridle trails. Where trails are shared by

horseback rider and hikers or bicyclists, Horseback riders have the right of way. All riders must carry equine VS 10-11 form in their possession.

HOURS – Current property access is by appointment only and with Entry or Special Use Permit. The hours of

operation are as noted on Permit. Fees may be assessed.

FIRES, FIREWORKS – Fires are allowed in designated areas only. No fireworks are allowed.

PETS – All pets must be on a leash at least 6 feet in length or secured in a kennel unless they are trained assistance animals for persons with disabilities. Noisy or vicious pets will be removed from property.

GARBAGE – All garbage and refuse must be removed by property users and disposed of properly.

EVENTS – All large group gatherings (over 30 people) shall be approved by Executive Committee or Board of Directors

and shall be conducted in designated areas and in accordance with rules and regulations. Special Use Permits are

required for all events and large group gatherings.

PERMITS – Entry and Special Use Permits may be obtained by email from Executive Committee. Contact


a living land museum on 1200 acres of open space along the banks of the Medina River on the far south side of San Antonio preserving, maintaining and interpreting 10,000 years of continual human habitation



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